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Sun Kwangs footprint in the logistics, import/export, stevdoring and transportation is the history of the industry in Korea.

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Donghwa Industry

For more than half a century since the very first day, Sun Kwang has been dedicated to the import/export, freight and cargo transportation at Incheon Port, the gateway to the central Korea and Gunsan Port.
Recently, more new routes have been charted to Incheon Port, the hub port of Northeast Asia. With the TOC in effect since 1997, the domestic logistics cost - one of the major concerns for the customers - can now be dramatically reduced.
Sun Kwang was certified as the integrated logistics company for the first time in Korea on July 4, 2006.
We provide the ⌈ safe · precise · prompt ⌋ service and helps the customers to reduce cost and enjoy prosperity by utilizing the latest equipment, not to mention the years of experience and know-hows of the staffs.